Minis | 4 oz Soy Candles | Glass Jar

Minis | 4 oz Soy Candles | Glass Jar

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Try one of our scents in a lil mini! These 4 oz jars are the perfect size to try one of our candles for the first time or to try multiple scents!

This particular listing was created for customers to try our candles and get a lower shipping rate. HP Houses and Houseblends are listed separately due to caps on the number of variations allowed in a listing. Etsy takes the higher shipping weight, which means the higher shipping cost. So this listing was created as an alternative to a combined listing.

SCENT: Varies--See 9 oz listings for more information.
STRENGTH: Varies--See 9 oz listings for more information.

4 oz. jars hold approximately 4 fluid ounces with an approximate burn time of 30 hours.

When possible, my fragrance oils do not contain phthalates.

All my candles are made with natural soy wax. Soy wax is clean burning and frosting, cracking, and dipping on the surface is common. Each candle is hand-poured in small batches. Because of this, there may be slight variations in appearance, color, and fragrance strength from the candle pictured.

Candles are made in small batches and colored by hand using liquid dye so color may vary.

Materials: glass jar, vegan soy wax, liquid dye, phthalate-free (when possible) fragrance oil, hemp or cotton or woodwick